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Buy All Builder’s Hut Using the COC Mod

Buy All Builder’s Hut Using the COC Mod

When you start playing the Game of Clash of Clans, you begin with 500 gems. However, you can always increase this using the COC mod. At the end of the first tutorial of the game, you will lose almost 50 gems. The recommendation is to not spend your gems to be able to buy the builder’s hut really quick.

Who are the Builders?

Builders are the people within the game who can build and upgrade your units for you. Only one builder is needed to be able to build one structure or upgrade one unit. Builders can also collect unnecessary things in your village such as trees and trunks. To be able to become stronger in the game of Clash of Clans, it is necessary to build and upgrade structures, which is the main reason why builders are very important. In addition, most buildings and units take a lot of time to be upgraded or built. Thus, having more than one builder is very necessary.

How to Get the Builders?

At the beginning of the game, you will only have one builder. In order to buy the second builder, you need to have 250 gems, which is what you do after the tutorial. To have your third builder, you need to spend 500 gems. For the fourth builder, you should have 1000 gems to spend. And to have the fifth and final builder, you should possess 2000 gems. Now, these are a lot and you may have already known that obtaining gems is one of the most difficult things to do in the game of Clash of Clans.

The Strategy

With that being said, it really is very important to save your gems in the game. Make sure to not spend your gems on anything until you have purchased all five builder huts. In order to save up gems, play the game daily and use the builders to remove trunks, trees, and gem boxes from your village to earn gems. You can also focus on completing the achievements to be able to earn experiences and high amounts of gems.

Using the COC Mod

To make the work a lot easier, you should use the COC mod. This Mod will allow you to hack in the game of Clash of Clans and be able to gain an unlimited amount of resources such as golds, elixirs, and gems. With that being said, you can now buy all five builders quickly even early on into the game without having to wait for the collection of gem resources in the form of camp debris or by accomplishing some achievements to obtain the gems.

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